Family-owned and operated since 1954

Our current proprietors, the Stiles family, have been proudly and professionally serving the Jacksonville community since 1974. Our professional Preston Pharmacy staff specializes in prescription services, customized prescription compounding and custom compounded Pet Medications. Preston Home Medical Supplies sells, rents and services medical equipment and supplies.

Compounding Services and Delivery Services Available

Preston Pharmacy offers a state-of-the-art compounding lab. Our compounding pharmacist and trained technicians can prepare custom compounded medications, including custom pet medications, and prescription dosage forms which are not commercially available.

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Meet Our Staff


George always delivers prescriptions and home medical needs with a big smile and a helping hand.


Marsha is our cheerful greeter and clerk who specializes in giftware and "front of house".


Randy is our very popular postal clerk who has a following of talkers like the old days at the post office. He is also an avid, talented musician.


Heather is our certified technician and the youngest and newest member of our team. She specializes in compliance packaging for special needs patients.


Margie, our matriarch and mother of Denise and Tim, founded the pharmacy with her husband in 1972. She continues to run the office and entertain great grand children as needed.


Nancy is our head technician and compounding guru- specializing in all pets be they furry, feathered or scaly. Of course, Nancy also assists in compounding medications for humans as well!


Denise is our co-owner and second generation pharmacist. She is motivated by a deep seated desire to help patients, especially geriatrics navigate the health care system and manage their medications.


Tim is our co-owner, brother of denise and our home medical manager and a favorite of the over 70 crowd. He is the expert on all things to make life more convenient and safe.